Who’s Behind Dyedandgonetocali?


It’s me, Alison! Owner, designer, tie “dyer”, photographer, sourcing specialist, shipping coordinator….you get the point… I’m the person behind the scenes (and sometimes up front) of Dyedandgonetocali! 
Based out of beautiful Sonoma County, CA, I became interested in designing an dying as a hobby in early 2020. It has now turned into my passion. I’m (a little) obsessed with perfecting/researching my craft, sourcing comfortable pieces, and dying in unique color ways and designs- truly making my customers items one of a kind. Yes, there’s absolutely styles I can dye over and over, yet because of the beauty of tie dye- no two are ever alike. 

Thank you for finding your way here, to my small business page. Take a look around and reach out with any questions- I’m happy to help!


from Dyedandgonetocali